Lead Capital Partners acquires majority ownership interests in healthcare companies with EBITDA of $1 to $7 million. We provide sellers upfront liquidity, an opportunity for continued ownership, and an attractive alternative to traditional private equity by establishing partnerships focused on aligning all constituents for long-term success.

We invest long-term capital.

Lead Capital’s investment strategy is rooted in the fundamental principle of compounding returns. We therefore maintain a longer-term investment horizon relative to most private equity firms. Our investors have generated wealth by building companies over decades, not by buying and selling businesses every three to five years.

We focus on healthcare.

In healthcare, expertise and experience are essential. Healthcare demand is generally inelastic and represents approximately 20% of the U.S. economy. Yet the industry remains highly fragmented, inefficient, and generally frustrating for all constituents. Lead partners with innovative companies focused on improving the patient and provider experience, delivering better outcomes and reducing costs. Based in Nashville, a leading hub for the healthcare services sector, we leverage our team’s vast industry network to bring leadership and support to each investment.

We capitalize each investment independently.

Lead’s investors commit capital and invest directly in each portfolio company rather than via a traditional fund structure. This unique structure allows Lead to focus on driving value at each individual company and not the relative performance of other portfolio companies. We are not constrained by the buy-and-sell timelines dictated by typical fund documents.

Lead Capital’s economic incentives are much more aligned and dependent on each investment’s performance relative to the fixed fee economics of traditional private equity funds. Our investors strongly prefer this structure which ensures Lead’s focus is on the success of each company rather than on the fees tied to assets under management.

For Sellers

Lead Capital’s preferred investment structure allows owners continued participation in the growth of their business both operationally and financially. By exclusively partnering with founders who retain meaningful equity alongside us, Lead Capital benefits form a self-selection screening...

For Investors

Lead believes investors are best served by compounding returns in existing investments where fees are minimized, taxes are deferred, and capital remains invested with trusted management.
We offer a unique model relative to traditional private equity that provides...

For Operators

Lead Capital seeks to partner with experienced operators who have a passion for business and a desire to participate in the value they create. We are committed to providing these managers the capital, strategic resources, ownership incentives and timeline they need to acquire businesses...

For Advisors

Lead Capital works closely with advisors and intermediaries to close transactions as efficiently as possible and believes that the best transactions are those where there is a spirit of collaboration. We are committed to responsive and straightforward communication.